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About us

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As a start-up organization which combines new ways of thinking and creativity with decades of profile grinding experience, our main focus is aimed at maximizing efficiency and sustainability. Considering the current and ongoing climate change in conjunction with the increased burden on our Eco system, we place particular importance on the responsible use of resources. Based on this mindset, Nozzlenizer consequently searches for practical solutions which are economical and specifically target your individual needs while preserving the environment. We only apply highly precise, extremely robust and wear resistant products which optimize the coolant supply on your specific machine tool for years to come. Nozzlenizer’s definition of the term “optimization” is to increase productivity and efficiency while constantly reducing flow rates and consequently lowering energy consumption.

Those who want to set new standards, must be willing to travel down new paths!

This catch phrase is not new, but with the currently ongoing global changes it is more relevant than ever. If you want to reduce the ecological footprint of your company as well, then Nozzlenizer – your Nozzle Pro – is the right partner for you. Go ahead, reach out and contact us! We look forward to accompanying you and your firm on a secured path into the future.

Matthias Radermacher

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Company Profile

Nozzlenizer GmbH was founded by Matthias Radermacher in 2019 and is located in Hueckeswagen, Germany. The founder is able to provide and apply his several decades of practical experience in the field of profile grinding which he has been able to attain internationally.

With the headline “those who want to set new standards, must be willing to travel down new paths” Nozzlenizer offers a wide array / variety of solutions and services which are customized to your specific applications. We emphasize our focus primarily on practical and proven products which are not only economical and offer a great value but which are also environmentally friendly within their industrial applications.